Bujinkan is dedicated to the study and promotion of traditional Japanese martial arts as taught by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, in Noda-shi Japan. The Bujinkan martial art comprises nine different, but complimentary, martial arts traditions that encompass all aspects of personal combat and self protection skills.

Our instructors at Toledo Parkour have 25+ years of teaching experience and continuously continue to grow. We will teach multiple different aspects of the Bujinkan art such as avoiding violence and using weapons in a peaceful manner. Come out and join us for a FREE trial class!

Join us for classes every Saturday morning! You will learn the master principles of the art so you can apply things like: 
Body Conditioningpunchingkickinggrapplingcountering attacksArt of winningawareness trainingstaying safe by positioning, posture power, footwork, taijutsu integration, art of distancing, timing, angling, control without grabbing, determining space, any technique with any weapon, finger locks, striking kyusho points, unattached commitment, mastering the kukan, running energy, etc..  
Classes are Saturday mornings - $50/month with a $35 registration fee. NO CONTRACT
Ages 6-9 years old from 945-1030
Ages 10-13 years old from 945am to 1045
Ages 14 & up are from 1045 to noon

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