Salesa Wills-Dario

We are open and accepting new students. Due to Covid we are keeping the class sizes small and asking for parents to wear a mask inside the building. If you are comfortable we would appreciate to keep the spectator numbers as low as possible. We are also offering private lessons for anyone not comfortable with classes. Cost is $50/hr and are typically scheduled for the weekends. If interested please send email inquiry to [email protected]

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Join us for a night of games, food, nerf wars and of course, Parkour!!!! Drop of starts at 7pm on Friday and pickup is Saturday at 8am :). Register now! $35/per person

Salesa Wills-Dario

This past January we participated in a National Competition in Tampa! Everyone that particiapted worked very hard to prepare themselves. We had both students and coaches compete in the Speed Competition and the Freestyle Competition. EVERYONE did amazing! We all had a blast and learned so much. Cant wait to go again next year!!